Ribbon Bonded Rubber Thread

Product Detail

Ribbon rubber threads, especially round extruded latex are widely used in the textile industry. In order to supply customers with further material options of Natural Rubber or Synthetic (Non-latex) Rubber, Min Yuen Rubber has the technology to supply a form of square section rubber thread in bonded ribbon form.
Bonded Ribbon Rubber Threads are adhered to bond strongly enough to hold them in the ribbon formation during handling and shipment, but can be readily split out into the individual threads as they are supplied to weaving, braiding or textile equipment. It comes in different thread counts and sizes according to customer requirements.
These ribbon threads can be used widely also in food grade packaging, industrial and medical usages.
Ribbon Bonded Rubber Thread
Material   Natural Rubber (latex)
  Synthetic (latex-free) Rubber
Color   Customized colors available
Size Range   32#、40#
  Custom features –  Size, surface textures
Bonded Strips   4 strips、50 strips、150 strips、300 strips、
Packaging   Ribbon bonded in paperboard or box
Features   Excellent stretch recovery
Non-shrinking-retains original size and tension after multiple wash/dry cycles
Completely launderable-dry cleaning elastic available
Resistant to chlorine, suntan lotion, salt water and perspiration
Regulations   Meet to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 and REACH regulations