Respirator Masks (Rubber Band)

Product Detail

Min Yuen Rubber manufactures a range of elastic rubber tapes, rubber loop bands and rubber thread for braiding specially used for respirator masks.
We provide latex-free (non-protein allergen) and properties meeting all industrial requirements for respirators.
Min Yuen rubber designs formulations with excellent stretch and recovery, and most importantly gentle surface and comfortable fastening for end users facial contacts. 

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Min Yuen Rubber, Your supply chain partner for protective gear accessories!
Rubber Band
Material   Synthetic (latex-free) Rubber 
Color   Customized colors available
Size Range   Thickness: 0.60mm~2mm
  Width: 1mm onwards
  Flat Length: 30mm~420mm (3cm~42cm)
Surface   Smooth surface: coated with talc or silicone
Features   Free of natural rubber latex protein allergens
Excellent stretch and recovery attributes'
Custom features –  color, size, count
Gentle and comfortable fitting
Staple resistant with excellent tear strength (specified compound)
Flame Retardant/ Fire resistant (specified compound)
Temperature Resistant for heat and cold (specified compound)
Regulations   Meet to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 and REACH regulations