Industrial Goggles

Product Detail

Min Yuen Rubber offers flame resistant compound for the rubber tape to be used in fire respirator mask, goggles, and textile coverings for Aviation industry (airbus). With the flame resistant compound the fire extinguish within 1 second without melting or dripping and thus a safe rubber accessory for many industrial and safety protection products.
For different industrial goggles purpose, rubber straps are provided in smooth or textured surface, flame, oil and heat resistant compounds, and packed in various cutting lengths and colors.

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Ribbed Textured Rubber Tape
Material   Natural Rubber (latex)
  Synthetic (latex-free) Rubber
Color   Customized colors available
Size Range   Thickness: 0.60mm~0.80mm (Capacity: 0.50mm ~1.00mm)
  Width: 4mm~20mm
  Custom features –  Size, surface textures
Surface   Textured surface coated with silicone
Features   Excellent stretch and recovery attributes
Grease and Oil Resistant
Ozone resistant
Abrasion resistant
Flame Retardant
Heat & Cold Temperature Resistant