Disposable Clothing

Product Detail

Min Yuen Rubber provides latex-free rubber tapes and threads sewn onto protective clothing delivering safety and comfort for end user in the medical and industrial industries.
Although the protective clothing are designed to be used once and disposed, we do not sacrifice the rubber tape quality. All rubber tapes are OEKO-TEX CLASS 1 certified, durable with good elongation and stretching properties.

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Min Yuen Rubber, Your supply chain partner for protective gear accessories!
Rubber Tape
Material   Synthetic Rubber (latex-free)
Color   Customized colors available
Size Range   Thickness: 0.20mm~1.00mm (capacity: 0.20mm~4.00mm)
  Width: 3.17mm~30mm
Surface    Smooth surface: coated with talc or silicone
  Ribbed/textured surface: coated with silicone
Features   Good elongation
Excellent resistance to sun tan lotions and oils
Free of natural rubber latex protein allergens (100% Latex-Free)
Superior stretch, extension and recovery
Excellent stretch and recovery attributes ensure optimal performance
Completely launder able and long-lasting
Resistant to skin care lotions and perspiration
Consistency in conversion facilitates trouble-free high-speed sewing
Regulations   Meet to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 and REACH regulations